Romario’s Done A Ronaldo: Transexual Thalita Zampirolli tells Brazilan press she had a 1-year affair with Romario

After trolling Ronaldo over ‘preferring women’ recently, Romario’s been left with egg on his face after being caught in a transsexual honey trap.

O Baixinho was photographed leaving a club with transgender Thalita Zampirolli last week, and after Romario denied that they were anything more than friends on his Facebook account, Zampirolli has now come out to confirm that the pair did share sexual relations – for one year.

Zampirolli told the Brazilian press:

”We did have relations, yes. We had an affair for one year, but he didn’t know about my sex change then. 

I’m a woman and Romario stayed with me knowing this, and I don’t have to go around explaining myself to everyone.

We also kissed at Luan Santana’s show last week; I didn’t want to have to explain this, but I don’t want to be a liar either. 

Romario’s a very good person and I don’t want to do him any harm, but I don’t want to be a liar either.”

Ronaldo could be forgiven for enjoying a bit of schadenfreude right now…