Romarinho (Romario’s son) scores for Brasiliense in opening match at Garrincha Stadium

Brazil took another step towards being ready for the World Cup next year with the unveiling of Brasilia’s Estádio Mané Garrincha Stadium on Saturday.

Named after legendary player Garrincha, there was also another former Samba Star present as Romario came to the first game at the 72,000 capacity World Cup stadium, to watch his son Romarinho.

Brasiliense, who play in Brazil’s third division (Serie C) secured a 4-0 aggregate win over Brasilia to secure the Brasiliense championship.

(Effectively, Brasiliense won the Brasiliense championship…)

The 3-0 victory on the night was secured thanks to goals from Bocão, Washington and Romarinho – the latter of whom is Romario’s son.

According to reports, Romario was rather emotional post match, seeing his son score in the World Cup stadium.

The goal is the third one on the video below, a decent back post finish…