Roman Abramovich speaks! Watch the Chelsea owner answer a question in English

The Sky Sports “My Special Day” with Oran Tully and the Chelsea squad is a great watch.

It shows the warmer side of Premier League footballers, especially the much maligned John Terry but also features something almost unheard of.

Roman Abramovich speaks English on camera! At around 09:15 on the clip above after Ashley Cole and David Luiz.

The Russian oligarch is famously shy and as well as being a ruthless owner with a fantastic ability to accumulate silverware he just not entertain questions from journalists in English.

Abramovich couldn’t refuse Oran Tully though, a youngster who has been battling a rare bowel disease, he grabbed autographs and pictures with plenty of the Chelsea squad, including Jose Mourinho, Samuel Eto’o, Ashley Cole and David Luiz after the Champions League win over Schalke in November.

Fair play to Abramovich for coming out to meet Oran Tully and this might be the first time you have ever heard him speak before…