Robin van Persie sends Arsenal fan Piers Morgan pictures celebrating Man United title

When Robin van Persie said he was moving from Arsenal to Manchester United to win trophies last summer, one of his biggest critics was Piers Morgan.

The CNN talk show host was vociferous in his criticism of van Persie leaving his beloved Arsenal and continually referred to him on Twitter as “Van Pursestrings.”

Agree with him, or loath him, Piers Morgan commands a following on Twitter of over 3.5 million followers and his views are heard by a large section of football fans.

Meanwhile, Robin van Persie seemingly only uses Facebook as a means of communication to his fans having abandoned Twitter following plenty of abuse after moving from Arsenal to Manchester United.

Now it feels as if the Dutch striker was thrilled to win the Premier League to shut up critics like Piers Morgan and he rammed that point home following Manchester United’s title success.

Morgan Tweeted today that Robin van Persie had sent him pictures of Manchester United celebrating winning the 2012/2013 Premier League title.

Cue, much laughing at Piers Morgan and more Manchester United love (and perhaps even admiration from some Gooners) for a cheeky move from RVP.

Tweets below.