Robin van Persie & Miguel Herrera had a handbags shoving match at the end of Holland 2 – Mexico 1 [Vine]

There was a bit of needle at the end of Holland’s late epic win over Mexico in the World Cup last 16 today.

Mexico coach Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera was having a few strong words with the officials during the post-game handshakes, clearly incensed at some of the decisions that he felt went against his side (the Robben penalty, most probably).

As he was griping and handshaking, he got a little ‘Be on your bike’ shove from Robin van Persie, who was clearly bored of listening to El Piojo’s complaints.

Herrera, the little ball of raw emotion that he is, responded by giving the Man United striker a shove right back, saying ‘I’m standing here’.

Handbags at dawn, but not the most edifying scene nonetheless.