Robin van Persie has told ‘pals’ he’s unconvinced by new United boss David Moyes [Starsport]

Even if this is run-of-the-mill tabloid fodder, for such a story to emerge so soon calls to mind the adage about there never being fire without smoke.

The Star claim they’ve been told by a ‘friend’ of van Persie (then again, why would his mate double cross him?!) that the Dutch striker is unconvinced by new Man United manager David Moyes.

The Star claim the ‘pal’ said: “Robin isn’t happy and when that’s the case he can’t hide it on the pitch.

“When he’s frustrated he is capable of doing something silly, and you could see that against Liverpool.

“He feels it isn’t the same with the new manager as he misses working with Fergie, who he really loved playing under. Some of Moyes’ training methods are not to his liking either.”

To be fair, a little look back over the shoulder from RVP to the Emirates would only be natural after the way the transfer window’s panned out for his old and new club…