Robin van Persie had 100% success rate on the 1 pass he gave to Wayne Rooney v Olympiakos [Map]

The notion of Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney being any sort of a partnership is a dying one, dissipating with every new jaw-dropping stat that is produced on the pair’s activity.

Or lack thereof.

In last night’s 2-0 defeat at Olympiakos, the pair made just 5 passes between each other, four of which were from Rooney to RVP, and 3 of which came straight from kick-off.

Which means RVP – who told Dutch TV of his discontentment with his positioning, – made just 1 pass to Rooney throughout the 90 minutes, as the pass map below shows.

On the plus side, the pass was a success, meaning RVP had a 100% pass completion ratio to Wayne Rooney.

Every cloud…

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