A sexual innuendo about Man United’s Januzaj gave Robbie Savage the giggles on live BBC radio [Video]

Robbie Savage lost the plot on BBC’s 5 Live radio at the weekend after hearing an unintended innuendo from his colleague and presenter Darren Fletcher.

While discussing Man United’s Adnan Januzaj, Fletcher asked Savage the unfortunately phrased question:

How tempted to you think David Moyes will be to ride [Januzaj] for the rest of the season? To keep putting him the side and using him that way?

Savage immediately lost his composure as a huge smile ripped across his face, and bumbling his way through statements like “Januzaj is one of the best talents I’ve seen at United for a long time” the Welshman got the giggles.

As Savage was supposed to do one of his trademark segments on the show, the ex-pro broke down in laughter during a story from a young girl going to her first Rangers game at Ibrox. It was unprofessional, and very funny.

Watch Robbie Savage gets the giggles on live BBC radio below.