Robbie Keane interviewed on Landon Donovan cut: ‘Don’t care if USMNT had Messi, they’re gonna struggle’ [Video]

This is a pretty funny random interview, as TMZ Sports ensnared Robbie Keane on the streets of LA today while he was out minding his own business.

The reporter wanted Keane’s opinion on his LA Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan, who was cut from Jurgen Klinsmann’s World Cup squad yesterday.

Keane tolerated and humoured the reporter, telling him he was as shocked as everybody that Donavan didn’t make it, not on reputation, but because he thinks he’s still good enough.

The TMZ reporter then hilariously asked Keane whether he thought Donovan was still ‘one of the best in the world’, to which the Dubliner plead the Fifth and said, ‘he’s still one of the best in the MLS’. Ahem.

Keane then played down Donovan’s cut, saying ‘I don’t care if they had Messi, with that group (Ghana, Germany, Portugal), they’re gonna struggle.’

The people of LA must be delighted with the Irishman’s vote of confidence in them.

Paul Morrissey

Robbie Keane