Rio Ferdinand roundly panned for co-founding ‘The Footies, The Oscars of the Industry’

Media mogul and footballer Rio Ferdinand has his hand in all the pies.

The highly entrepreneurial Man United defender is always on the lookout for a new niche to exploit, and believes he’s found his latest with the co-founding of ‘The Footies’, an annual awards ceremony for football, which he believes will become ‘The Oscars of the Industry’.

The show will be hosted by – surprise surprise – the ubiquitous James Corden, and will reward the Goal of the Year, Free-Kick of the Year, Game of the Year, Result of the Year, etcetera, etcetera.

The concept of yet another self-congratulatory ceremony has been pretty roundly panned in the blogosphere and on Twitter, with the Guardian’s Martina Hyde writing a particularly barbed and humourous piece today. 

The Footies’ Twitter account hasn’t taken the scene by storm either, with a paltry 92 followers for 40 tweets; in fact they’re following more than they’re being followed, leaving Rio looking a bit Merk’d.

Below are the best Tweets panning ‘The Footies’.