Retired Spanish ref jokes about Xavi’s obsession with length of the grass on Twitter


After 31 years officiating in La Liga, retired Spanish ref Iturralde González remains on of Spanish football’s authorities, and is a highly regarded pundit on TV channel Cuatro.

He’s quite an irreverent and outspoken presence on Twitter also, and yesterday made a great meme gag about Barcelona maestro Xavi.

He wrote:

‘Relaxing at home and receiving a call that Xavi is coming to eat tomorrow; well there’s only one thing I can do…’

Gonzalez accompanied the message with a photo of himself cutting the gas with an electronic trimmer.

The gag plays on Xavi’s obsession with grass length, a subject the Barcelona man has often highlighted after defeats.

The Catalan maestro, being the pass master that he is, always insists that the grass is as short as possible, so that both Barcelona and Spain’s passing, tiki-taka style can prosper.

Predictably, some didn’t take the harmless joke very well, and hit the retired ref with standard abuse.

Twitter, eh!