Respect! Zlatan Ibrahimovic sends dying Bosnian boy a video message & signed shirt

At the beginning of October, rumours spread that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had boarded a flight to Sarajevo to meet with Bosnian boy Hajrudin Kamenjas.

The youngster is terminally ill from a severe strain of cancer and the news of the Swedish striker’s visit quickly went viral.

Alas, these turned out to be untruths and Zlatan did not visit Hajrudin Kamenjas, presumably due to international commitments.

But, the PSG forward has sent Kamenjas a signed shirt and a video message which can be seen below.

English translation: “Hello Hajrudin, I am Zlatan. Since I heard of you, I thought a lot about you. I am sorry I can’t come, but I have a present for you. I have signed my autograph on a jersey and I want you to know that I think a lot about you. I will also give this jersey I wore yesterday when I scored two goals,” said Ibrahimovic.