Respect! Ashley Young hosts terminally ill Man United fan in a box at Old Trafford for Swansea win

Ashley Young may have developed a reputation as a diver and has hardly been a roaring success on the pitch at Manchester United, but showed a fine human side to his nature on Saturday.

In December, Young replied to a Tweet to help out a terminally ill Manchester United fan who had a wish to sit in a box at Old Trafford with his family for a game before he passed on.

It should be remembered that the initial request was not directly put to Young and he responded off his own initiative.

Tweets detailing the humanitarian gesture from Ashley Young for Manchester United’s victory over Swansea are below.

The Man United fan in question is understood to be John Booth (@headhunter) – his bio on Twitter says the following: “Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer 2011, stomach removed 2012 but still smiling and determined to stay smiling.”