Remember the school picture of Manuel Neuer & Mesut Ozil? It was fake! [11 Freunde]

Website 11Freunde have taken it upon themselves to investigate suggestions on the internet that do the rounds concerning German players.

In January, 11Freunde rubbished quotes that had spread from Borussia Dortmund attacking midfielder Marco Reus.

Today 11Freunde have revealed that Mesut Ozil and Manuel Neuer did NOT play in the same school team – a rumour this website undoubtedly helped to spread.

Sorry about that.

It came in the aftermath of Manuel Neuer’s penalty save from Ozil at the Emirates last week in the Champions League first leg between Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

We were not alone, this lie was spread by the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, The Sun, the BBC and even Manuel Neuer’s official Facebook page.

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It all started from a Reddit user named “vikistormborn” – who has admitted that: “I simply googled ‘mesut Ozil Childhood’ and this article from the Telegraph came up. That’s where i got the picture from. I simply circled the other biggest looking guy in the picture and tweeted that it was Neuer.”

The picture spread on Twitter quickly and was then reproduced by many media sites the next day.

Whilst it is true that Manuel Neuer and Mesut Ozil went to the same school – they did not play in the same team – the Bayern keeper is two years older.

When Manuel Neuer saw the picture on his Facebook page, run by a PR company, he immediately had it removed.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of all this is the Photoshop 11Freunde have put together, showing some of the world’s best footballers went to school together!

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