Remember ref Mike Dean’s mad head-flick during Man United v Swansea? He did it again during Villa v West Ham

Credit to @whustuff for this superb spot during West Ham’s 2-0 win at Aston Villa last Saturday in the Premier League.

Referee Mike Dean was at the centre of controversy during the Manchester United’s FA Cup tie with Swansea at the start of January when the official made a crazy head-flick after after a Swans attack broke down.

At the time many questioned if the referee’s bizarre behaviour was evidence of an anti-Manchester United bias, however the truth seems to be that the official simply has an odd mannerism.

Ref Dean once again produced his mad head-flick last weekend at Villa Park as an opportunity to prise open the West Ham defence was ruined by an overhit through-ball.

See Mike Dean’s strange reaction during Aston Villa v West Ham below, together with his original incident during Man United v Swansea.