Celebrating promotion, Leipzig head coach injures himself whilst trying to avoid beer shower (Video)

RB Leipzig today confirmed their promotion to the Bundesliga.

Leipzig beat Karlsruher 2-0 at home in the second tier of the German league on Sunday, to confirm their place in the German top flight next season.

Back in 1993, Arsenal beat Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup final.

The hero on that day for the Gunners was defender Steve Morrow, however the player ended the match with a bad injury.

In the post match celebrations, Arsenal’s players tried giving Morrow the bumps, but ended up injuring their team mate.

In Germany on Sunday, a similar set of circumstances befell RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick.

In the post match celebrations, Ralf Rangnick was chased round the pitch as his players tried to give him a beer shower.

The episode ended with Rangnick getting injured in the mayhem. By the looks of things, he badly hurt his leg as he fell on the turf.

See the video below.

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