Referee Sandro Meira Ricci gives two yellow cards to same player but forgets to send him off

Graham Poll can rest easy, the English referee is not the only one to brandish two yellow cards at a player and forget to send the player off (Poll’s World Cup 2002 “Three card trick” can be seen here.)

Last Saturday, in a Campeonato Candango match between Brasiliense and Formosa, referee Sandro Meira Ricci handed out two yellow cards to the same player but forgot to issue a red.

Sandro Meira Ricci was voted the best referee in Brazil in 2010 and is expected to officiate some high profile matches in the coming years after recently being added to the FIFA list.

The first foul by Formosa defender Kassio took place on 29 minutes and saw the number 5 give away a penalty. Just seven minutes later Kassio committed another yellow card offence and was duly cautioned again. But, no red was forthcoming.

Kassio played the full 90 minutes and after the match the referee claimed he had given the first yellow card to another Formosa defender. Despite the evidence being pretty clear on the photo above and in the footage.

Referee Sandro Meira Ricci’s double yellow card, but no red, FAIL can be seen here.

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