Referee Carlos Eugenio Simon awards a penalty for one of the worst dives ever (Ceara vs Fortaleza)

We often flag up horrific attempts by footballers to con the referee into awarding decisions based on acts of simulation and cheating. Commonly the cheats are proven not to prosper, however in the last week of football in Brazil one case slipped through the net, as referee Carlos Eugenio Simon unbelievably pointed to the spot when it was amazingly obvious that no foul had been committed.

The episode played out during Cerea’s home match with Fortaleza in the Cearense Championship.

The victim was visiting defender Silvio, who was incredibly adjudged to have “tripped” Ceara forward Edu Sales (pictured) although there was clear daylight and absolutely no sign of contact between the pair. That did not stop the striker crashing to the ground, with the referee only too quick to blow his whistle and point to the spot as once of the worst decisions of the year was called.

With the pictures doing all the talking, referee Carlos Eugenio Simon’s unforgivably bad penalty call can be seen here.