Ref Fail: Spain futsal penalty overruled despite clearly going in (video)

What another horrible, horrible decision.

Whilst hardly one of the premier football competitions, over in Hungary at present the UEFA European Futsal Championships are taking place, and on Monday Spain suffered being on the wrong end of a disgracefully bad decision as the match officials overruled a legal penalty in the shoot-out with Russia.

Playing for a place in the semi-finals, reigning champs Spain took on the Russians in the last eight with neither side able to score in the first ever-goalless knockout game in the tournament’s history. The deadlock continued into the penalty shoot-out until, with the teams level at 6-6 each, Spain’s Fernando scored while Konstantin Timoschenkov missed for Russia.

Yet Spain were almost denied victory by the referee, as Javi Rodriguez saw his spot-kick overruled in the shoot-out. The decision was incredibly bad as Rodriguez’s strike blatantly whizzed into the back of the net, leaving the old onion bag to ripple, before the ball flew back out of the goalmouth.

Despite fierce arguments from the entire Spanish squad, the decision was not overturned.

Footage of the horrific refereeing decision can be seen here.


Staying with atrocious refereeing calls, we flip over to the junior final in Brazil for the Copa Sao Paulo, which was played out between Sao Paulo and Santos earlier in the week.

How Sao Paulo keeper Richard managed to stay on the pitch after this shockingly bad challenge remains another mystery!