Ref Andy D’Urso had a stinker during Morecambe v Exeter as he wrongly reversed an injury time penalty

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.04.53 PMExeter boss Paul Tisdale was furious at referee Andy D’Urso after the full time whistle blew on his side’s home match against Morecambe on Tuesday night.

In a strange set of circumstances in a dramatic injury time at St James’ Park, referee D’Urso wrongly reversed a decision to give Exeter a penalty in a chaotic few minutes that saw Morecambe lose Jamie Devitt for a headbutt.

The main decision centred on a coming together between Exeter’s David Wheeler and Morecambe’s Stewart Drummond.

Wheeler appeared to have been tripped in the box by the visiting defender, but after players protested the decision the linesman managed to convinced ref D’Urso that he had made a mistake. That left Tisdale livid:

I have just watched it on HD and it was a definite penalty.

The referee was five or six yards away and hard a perfect view, he gave it and sent one of their players off for charging around and headbutting one of our players, apparently, and in the three or four minutes it took to sort it out, the linesman overruled the referee. For the life of me, I can’t tell you why.

I am absolutely devastated for the players and the supporters. We played particularly well again and we have been robbed. 

Watch the mad footage below.