Redmen TV reluctantly make a case for Liverpool to sign Samuel Eto’o [Video]

Liverpool fans were pretty nonplussed to say the least at the news that Samuel Eto’o has been linked with their club this morning.

Several tabloids claim that the Cameroonian could be brought in as a second striker to play behind and along with Daniel Sturridge, but it seems most Reds fans deem him to be past it.

Paul from Redmen TV felt it was incumbent upon him to at least try and make a case for Eto’o, albeit reluctantly, pointing to his decent goals return for Chelsea last season, and the fact that though he’s lost some pace, he’s still quicker than Rickie Lambert (but that’s not really saying much!).

Is he really that bad all of a sudden? He scored a hat-trick against United! And a winner against Liverpool…

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