Record Breaking: Argi ref flashes 36 red cards in a fifth division match

Apologies for being a little slow on the uptake on this story.

Last Tuesday a crazy match was witnessed in the Argentinean fifth tier as referee Damien Rubino flashed a ridiculous 36 red cards during the clash between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas.

During the game, which was constantly halted as scuffles between the sides broke out, the match official sent off two players before the second half had even kicked-off. The latter was dismissed for bad behaviour during the half-time break itself.

Then, towards the end of the match, things descended into farce as a mass brawl erupted. Not only players and coaches got involved, but fans also raced onto the pitch to give a helping hand in the dust-up.

Following the match, referee Rubino filled out his match report in which he stated that 36 people, including all the players, the substitutes and coaches, had all been served with red cards for their part in the unruly mess. Reports in Argentina however have now said that the local Football Association are looking to alter the referee’s verdict believeing it sets a dangerous predecent moving forward.

Footage of Claypole 2 – Victoriano Arenas 0, including all the violence, can be seen here.

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