Real’s Left-Whingers: As Royston Drenthe acts the fool, ex-Hammer Julien Faubert almost falls asleep on the Madrid bench

A mass clear-out at the Bernabeu is forecast for next season, and two players who are top of the list to be shifted out the club are Royston Drenthe and Julien Faubert. Both left-wingers have contributed little to Los Blancos’ below-par campaign, being regular staples on the bench. And the duo’s antics during last weekend’s defeat at Villarreal, potentially their last ever involvement with the club, has been flagged up by the Spanish media.

Drenthe was caught on camera acting the fool throughout match, starting when the Dutchman was found joking about throughout the warm-up. When the match finally got underway, Drenthe, with ants in his pants, kept popping up from his seat as he behaved like a kid who had consumed too much Sunny Delight.

From one extreme to the other, former Hammer Julien Faubert, whose impact at Real has been minimal to say the least, fuelled the anger of Real fans after being caught falling asleep during the match.

After spending most of the match joking with Drenthe, once the Dutchman was brought on as a substitute Faubert appeared to lose complete interest in what was going on on the pitch, kicking back in his comfy chair as he tried to catch some sly sleep.

Footage of Drenthe and Faubert’s behaviour during Real’s defeat at Villarreal can be seen here.

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