Real Madrid’s Pepe brutally fouls Malaga’s Duda and doesn’t get booked [video]

Some things in European football are certain: Bayern Munich will win the Bundesliga this year, and Pepe will not be receiving the Fair Play award anytime soon in his career.

The Real Madrid’s centre back committed a heinous foul against Malaga’s captain Duda during his team’s win on Saturday, when he tackled the midfielder with a studs-up challenge. Duda, who had played together with Pepe in the Portuguese national team, stayed on the ground for several minutes and was in need of medical treatment.

The big surprise came when referee Juan Martínez Munuera decided not to book the aggressor, and instead showed a yellow card to Duda for dissent.

If that was not odd enough, Duda’s wife defended Pepe after the game via Twitter: “I know a lot of you are angry about Pepe’s tackle, but I know it was unintentional and that he is great friends with my husband,” she wrote attaching a photo of Pepe with her children to underscore the friendship the two share.

Below is a video of Pepe’s foul.

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