Real Madrid’s debt stands at €541m, double the amount Florentino Perez inherited [Carlos Mendoza, AS interview]

Carlos Mendoza, the President of the Association for the Values of Madridismo, has given an interview with Spanish daily AS today, after having been gagged by Florentino Perez for criticising his management of the club at the AGM.

Mendoza wanted to make clear the reality of Madrid’s debt, which Florentino Perez, he claims, presents only in debt terms as what is owed to the banks, approximately €90 million.

Mendoza maintains that it’s much more than just banks Madrid are indebted to – but to ‘players, clubs, other sporting entities, promoters’; and that taken altogether, Real Madrid are €541 million in debt, double the amount that Florentino Perez inherited from Lorenzo Sanz.

Mendoza also criticised the amount – ‘excessive’ – and manner of the Bale deal, with the socios still left in the dark as to exact amount Bale cost, reasoning that Bale was a ‘short cut’ solution, and that Perez’s assertion that Bale was ‘cheap’ is ‘scandalous’.