Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo makes highly controversial remarks about referee after Barcelona loss

Real Madrid were beaten 4-3 by Barcelona in a thrilling El Clasico on Sunday night.

The result blew the title race wide open and Cristiano Ronaldo chose to blame the referee for the scoreline.

Barcelona were awarded two penalties, probably correctly by the referee, whilst Real Madrid were given one which should have actually been a free kick.

After the match Cristiano Ronaldo said “We played against 12. It’s always the same. They don’t allow us. Maybe they wanted Barca back in the League,

“I don’t want to leave this inside of me and I’m not looking for excuses, but the ref is not at the required level for a game like this.

“If Barca lost today they would have been out. After five years here, I understand how things work.

“[The media] has been here for many years more than me. I have never seen Real Madrid favoured by the referees” the forward said.

“I’m sure that no matter all this, we will win the League.”

I think we can agree that Ronaldo is talking a fair amount of rubbish.