Real Madrid fans want Keylor as No1, happy to wait til next year and get De Gea for free [MARCA Survey]

Real Madrid fans are happy to wait until next summer to get David De Gea, according to this Marca survey.

The Madrid-based paper carried out a large survey today based on Real Madrid’s current goalkeeping situation, which is currently shrouded in doubt.

With Iker Casillas leaving for Porto last weekend, that leaves just Costa Rican international Keylor Navas as the only senior keeper at the club.

Considering Madrid were actually worried about how they’d cope with three top class keepers (anticipating that De Gea would have signed by now), it’s a dramatic turn of events.

And with David De Gea’s transfer now looking decreasingly likely this summer due to Manchester United’s refusal to sell, Madrid fans now appear to be resigned to Keylor being the number 1 this coming season.

Asked ‘Do you believe Keylor Navas is prepared to be Number 1 next season?‘, 70% replied affirmatively. while the question on De Gea was equally revealing.

Asked ‘Do you think Madrid should pay for De Gea this year, or wait until next year and get him for free?’, 70% replied the latter – that they’d rather wait until next summer and get him for free, when he’s out of contract.