Raymond Verheijen claims Louis van Gaal wants £200M to rebuild Manchester United [Mirror Sport]

Raymond Verheijen, the Dutch technocrat coach who’s become something of a pseudo-expert on all matters Manchester United.

And now Verheijen has even more reason to stake an interest in United, with his good friend Louis van Gaal set to take over the club next season.

Mirror Sport interviewd Verheijen to get his lowdown on van Gaal and his ambitions with United, and as ever he didn’t hold back, claiming he’ll request £200m from the board to rebuild the squad.

Quite a chunk of change for a team that won the league last season – do they really need that much of an overhaul?

“Van Gaal is a team builder from scratch and like a teacher. I think he would be perfect for Manchester United.

“The fact there could be as much as £200m to spend on new players is a huge attraction.

“If most of that money had already been spent in the last year then I think it would have been less interesting to take this job.

“Then he might have to deal with players he might not have bought himself.”

Verheijen then went on to reiterate his strong feelings over the Moyes debacle:

“You really wonder if the people who are responsible at Man United are actually doing their homework.

“I don’t think it is so much the problem and responsibility of David Moyes.

“But if the people at United had done their homework they would never have appointed David Moyes, they would have appointed someone else.

“When you are managing Man United you need different tactical qualities to when you are an underdog like Everton.

“It has to do with tactical flexibility.”