Raymond Verheijen AGAIN slams Manchester United boss David Moyes, and Fergie for appointing ‘a nobody’

FACT: Hate is a strong word, but Raymond Verheijen really, really, really doesn’t like David Moyes.

The technocratic Dutch coach has been a regular erudite critic of the United manager’s prehistoric training methods, and his tendency to for his players to spend extended periods on the treatment table.

But after last night’s calamitous defeat to Sunderland, Verheijen has cranked his Manchester United criticism up a notch, extending his ire to not just Moyes, but Alex Ferguson, for appointing a nobody.

Verheijen, as is a Dutchman’s wont, says what many people have been secretly thinking but dare not utter the words: that Fergie appointed Moyes so that he himself could maintain an institutional influence.

Verheijen says that had Fergie chosen Mourinho, his own role would have been over, adding, in a somewhat evil tone, ‘our friend did not want that’.

Verheijen speaks incredibly patronizingly of Moyes, saying that it’s not his fault, he’s trying his best, but that the buck ultimately stops with Fergie for choosing him in the first place.

He finished by reiterating the error most believe he made – getting rid of such an experienced coaching staff, to bring in more ‘nobodies’.

Read Raymond Verheijen’s latest Twitter shellacking of David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Manchester United in the tweets below.