Rangers fans battle with Romanian police (video)

Rangers fans are trying hard to clear their name after television cameras caught the away supporters battle it out with Romanian police during the Ger’s Champions League match with Unirea Urziceni on Wednesday.

Several excuses are now being forwarded as to why the Scots were seen throwing chairs and acting in an overly aggressive manner during halftime of the match.

According to Superintendent Mike Dean of Strathclyde Police, who was helping to co-ordinate security at the Steaua Stadium, “the situation arose because, despite having an agreement in place with UEFA that four turnstiles would be in operation, there were in fact only two. I was there with the UEFA delegate from right up until about 20 minutes before kick-off time, when there was a late surge with 400 or 500 supporters trying to get in through two gates. At that stage, the public order riot police went in and sprayed the fans. This caused a lot of tension and the whole thing deteriorated. Fans were still trying to get into the ground at halftime. What happened inside the stadium at halftime was probably a direct result of the tensions outside. I was not happy.”

The Sun offer a different version of events to help try to explain away the Rangers fans’ unsavoury behaviour, claiming that the Romanian cops spat on away supporters and taunted them with chants of “Celtic.”

Footage of the ruckus can be seen here.