WOWZERS! Rafael van der Vaart scores Di Canioesque Scissors Kick Golazo in Hamburg’s 5-0 win at Nurnberg

WOW, where did this come from?

With Hamburg languishing in the Bundesliga’s nether region ever since the start of the season, today’s 5-0 win away at Nurnberg was a timely and welcome morale boost.

And Rafael van der Vaart gor the ball rolling with an outrageous scissors kick golazo that had shades of Paolo Din Canio’s against Wimbledon all those years ago.

Arriving late into the box to meet a cross, VDV needed to do something to be able to take ball, which was landing invitingly his way, on his favoured left foot.

So the Dutchman ingeniously leapt in the air, and gracefully threw his right leg in the air, and on his way down met the ball with a perfect pinger off the laces of his left foot, to send a scissors kick golazo (which the keeper got a hand to) into the top corner.


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Rafael van der Vaart