Rafael Van Der Vaart proudly admits to getting Robert Lewandowski sent off

”The referee didnt want to give him red. I then made some theater and he gave him red.” – Rafael Van Der Vaart

It transpires that Robert Lewandowski’s first ever career red card against Hamburg yesterday had a little helping hand from ex-Spurs man Rafael Van Der Vaart.

As explained yesterday, to be sent off for his accidental kick on Hamburg’s Skejlbred alone would have been very harsh on Lewandowski. 

According to Van Der Vaart, the incident required a little extra spice in order for the ref to produce the red on the Polish striker.

So Van Der Vaart decided to get himself involved, and threw himself to the floor at the slightest nudge from Lewandowski.

The ref fell for it hook, line, and sinker: Lewandowski was sent off, the momentum swung back in Hamburg’s favour and they went on to record a historic 4-1 win over the champions.

So, clever play from VDV or unacceptable dark arts?

Watch Van Der Vaart’s ‘theatre’ on the clip below and Lewandowski’s subsequent sending off.

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