Radio Ga-Ga: Robbie Savage is silenced by Stiliyan Petrov (Aston Villa-West Ham)

Sometimes you don’t need to see to believe.

BBC Radio Five Live listeners were entertained during Sunday afternoon’s goalless draw between Aston Villa and West Ham when, midway through the commentary, the usually prim and proper reporting may way for a string of giggles and rib-tickles as fiery pundit Robbie Savage was silenced by a stray clearance from Stiliyan Petrov.

As became obvious as the commentary unfolded, Derby County captain Savage was in the gantry giving his expert opinion on the match when a ball flew straight into the Welshman’s face, knocking off his headphones and leaving the talking-head inspecting himself for blood after being knocked silent.

Savage’s fellow commentators offered little sympathy as they roared around laughing as the incident played out.

Listen to the classic commentary here.