Racist Verona fans abuse Senegalese footballer Amadou Samb

Depressingly proving how much work there is still left to do to rid racism out of world football, Hellas Verona have been fined 20,000 Euros for their fans’ racist chanting towards Senegalese footballer Amadou Samb.

The incident occurred during last weekend’s Serie C1/A match with Monza, which the hosts ran out 2-1 winners on the day. During the match, whenever attention focused on Samb the decibel levels at the Stadio Marc Antonio Bentegodi rose intensely, as the black footballer was subjected to a disproportionate chorus of boos and hisses from the home crowd.

Racism and Verona are far from strangers however. Commenting on Tony Parks’ 2002 book “A Season with Verona,” the Independent’s Chris Maume made the following observations.

“Perhaps the most contentious matter [surrounding Verona] is racism. Though it is surely a case of scapegoating, the city of Verona tends to be castigated as Italy’s staunchest outpost of opposition to multiculturalism. The book opens against the backdrop of a massive investigation into the apparently racist treatment of a Jewish lecturer. Over the season come the first attempts to stamp out monkey sounds from the terraces towards black players.”

Sadly, Verona fans have shown that in the six years since the books’ release, nothing has changed as racism is still prevalent on their terraces.

Video footage of the racist abuse suffered by Amadou Samb can be seen here.