Racism in Sweden as David Accam (Helsingborg) is called a ‘n*****’ by Syrianska ultras

Swedish club Syrianska are in big trouble after fans were heard screaming ‘n*****’ at Helsingborg midfielder David Accam.

Accam, a 22-year-old Ghanaian, was subjected to audible, racist abuse on two occasions in his side’s 1-0 away win on Sunday.

In the 24th minute, after Accam was flat out on the floor after being fouled, one Syrianska fan shouted the n-word from the terraces as the ultras berated Accam to get back on his feet. The referee, who was well placed to hear the curses, did nothing.

In the 90th minute, as Accam was being substituted, the second round of racisms occurred.

Sounding like the same group supporters who made the initial taunts, Accam was forced to exit the pitch under a barrage of abuse which included another racial slur using the n-word. And the officials did nothing.

Helsingborg have reported the incident to the authorities.

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Footage of Syrianska’s ultras racial assaulting David Accam can be seen below.

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