Quotes from Mario Gotze suggesting Marco Reus wants to join Man United are FAKE!

Don’t believe anything you read in the papers!

Almost the whole English sports media fell for fake quotes doing the rounds that claimed Mario Gotze suggested former Borussia Dortmund team mate Marco Reus wants to join Manchester United.

Reus may well be a target of Manchester United and David Moyes could do far worse than sign the German attacker, but anything you read in connection with Gotze is simply not true.

The offending Mario Gotze quote goes as follows: “When I was at Borussia, Marco wanted a move to Manchester United. This hasn’t changed.”

It can still be seen on the Daily Star website, but would appear the likes of Sky Sports, The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror have pulled it from circulation.

The quote was attributed to “Munchen Lokal” which is a newspaper that actually doesn’t exist.

Star German journalist Tweeted this information earlier and the always awesome Mediawatch added the following today:

“The first mention of the quotes seem to be from a Manchester United fan site with little to no reason for any inside information. Their tweet from 10.12pm on April 14th reads as follows: ‘Mario Gotze asked about transfer gossip “When I was at Borussia Marco [Reus] wanted a move to Man Utd, he hasn’t changed” – [Munchen Lokal]’.

Given that there is no German newspaper called Munchen Lokal, that throws a rather large Schlüssel into the works.”