Quality! Blind player scores penalty in Swedish 6th division

All the way from Sweden we have a rather heart warming video to show you.

Andreas Engström is blind and with just 1% sight in his left eye scored a penalty this week for Ulvsby versus Bäckhammar in the Swedish 6th division.

In 2006, Engström felt his vision worsen and was diagnosed with the incurable eye disease Leber.

Nevertheless, Engström has attempted to live a life as normal as possible and is a coach for Ulvsby and with the team short of players he was added to the bench for the game against Bäckhammar.

Engström takes up the story: “We were short on players. I set myself as a substitute and the guys on the team said that if they won a penalty they would bring me on to take it.”

He continues: “I was really nervous. One of the guys put the ball on the penalty spot, but I went back and felt the ball to know exactly where it was. I could, just about discern where the goalposts stood and I was aiming towards the right post. The initial feeling was that I missed, but then I heard the guys cheer…”