Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (total £41.29, up £16.29)

After a slight setback midweek where both our bets went south, international week offers us a new opportunity to gain exponential growth to turn our current profits of £16.29 into much more dosh.

First up is England’s friendly with Slovakia where, after all the hype over Wayne “crazy” Rooney this week, it is worth noting how the Manchester United forward is 3/1 to get booked and 40/1 to see red. More likely however is that England will hit the back of the net on several ocassions, and we’re backing the fact that there will be more than 2.5 goals scored during the match, betting £7.50 at 8/11. (Match odds here.)

Next, we’re looking to secure some safe cash by backing what appear several of the homiest home bankers of this round of World Cup qualifiers.

Guus Hiddink’s Russia, sitting second in their group, host neighbours Azerbaijan needing a win to keep pressure on Germany in first place, who themselves are playing host to Liechtenstein. Unless some freak of nature happens both home favourites (Russia are 1/16 and Germany are 1/66) will walk away with the spoils on Saturday night. But we believe add another homer on this ticket, betting against George Burley’s Tartan Army in Holland (match odds here), with the Orange massive home favourites at 2/7.

We are placing £20 on Germany, Russia & Holland hoping to claim a return of £27.32.

Lastly, we know that Carlos Querioz is struggling as coach of Portugal but against Sweden hosts should have too much quality to walk away with the victory. But we also predict that the game will be a tight affair with only a couple of goals likely to be scored. As such we are backing the double covering a Portuguese win (8/13) and there being under 2.5 goals (4/6) with £7.5 of our hard earned pounds. (Match odds here.)

If you disagree with our predictions, think you know better, or have any other hot tips to share please leave your comments below.

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