Puskas Award 2012: Was Stoch’s volley better than Falcao & Zlatan wonder goals?

One of the big decisions at the FIFA Ballon d’Or gala on Monday night was the announcement of the 2012 Puskas Award.

Fenerbahce’s Miroslav Stoch won out and goes down in the record books as scoring the best goal of 2012.

Except he didn’t really.

You suspect that Fenerbahce’s huge fan base secured the prize for Stoch despite being in a three-goal race with Neymar – this is hugely impressive.

If it was down to this website – as many have asked – we believe the goal of 2012 was scored by Radamel Falcao. (First video here.)

And, you have to hope FIFA will consider changing the rules of the Puskas Award after Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Golazo v England missed the cut, despite being hailed by many as the “greatest goal ever.”

Miroslav Stoch’s Puskas Award winner for 2012 is on the video below.