Push & Shove: Softie scuffle in Central America

If you thought the Cristiano Ronaldo-Steven Taylor spat was a bit girlie, then that was nothing compared to the softie scuffle during the CONCACAF Champions League match between Marathon and the Puerto Rico Islanders last night.

Playing in the second leg of their quarter-final tie, the Islanders held a 2-1 advantage from the first leg and that the way things stayed until the final minutes of the match until tempers frayed on both sides.

With the clock running out, the Honduran hosts went on the attack looking for a crucial goal to level the tie on aggregate. Restoring to butchering tactics, Marathon’s number 5 was unceremoniously hacked down by the Islanders number 19 with the referee awarding a free-kick just on the edge of the box. But the whole incident seemed to be too much for one of Marathon’s coaches, whose blood pressure could be seen visibly rising on the touchline.

Jumping out of his technical area, the Marathon coach fixed a gaze on the Islanders’ bench, nodding his head in a “bring in on” gesture, before making his feeling perfectly clear by rolling up both of his jumper sleeves as a punch-up seemed imminent.

Sensitive to the body language on display, the fourth official called over the ref who in turn sent both the Marathon coach and a coach from the Islanders to the dressing room.

Cue the pansy face-off.

As the pair headed down the tunnel, the Marathon coach came flying in with a deadly push before a couple of bystanders put themselves between the two coaches. But that wasn’t the end, as the coach then executed one of the lamest attempts at a kick as he climbed up the railings and flung out a lazy left leg. It goes without say that he missed horribly.

The softie scuffle can be seen here.