Pure Insanity! A club medic becomes a pitch invader to make a last ditch tackle in Brazil

This. Is. Mental.

Last Sunday in the lower reaches of the Brazilian football food-chain Ponta Pora collected a 1-nil win over Coxim. The match, however, has since attracted global attention for one of the craziest tackles of the season.

In the final minute the hosts were under the cosh as Coxim built a promising attack on the left. A super bit a skill from the visitors number 4 took the player into the Ponta Pora box, and a goalscoring opportunity was on.

Cue the insanity.

Moments prior to the attack a Ponta Pora medic was reportedly tending to an injured player, and so whilst the Coxim attack developed the medic was still very much in the picture. Then, like a nutter, the medic decided to intervene by bursting onto the pitch and completing a slide-tackle in the Coxim number four.

Amazingly the medic was still holding his first aid bags at the time!

Watch the fabulously bizarre Brazilian footage below (18 seconds in).

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