Punching above his weight: Andres D’Alessandro (Internacional) vs William (Corinthians)

Why is it that there are so many violent outbursts in South American football?

The Copa do Brasil final played out on Wednesday night between Internacional and Corinthians descended into a mass brawl as emotions and tempers quickly flared up in the second half.

The incident came out of left-field. After the hosts Internacional had managed to pull back the second-leg to 2-2 on the night, cameras picked up footage of a coming together between two Corinthians players in which one player was clearly seen pushing over his teammate onto the turf.

Although the Internacional players were celebrating their equaliser at the time, on seeing the clash between their opposition teammates a flock of home players quickly dashed over to the scene of the incident. This in turn caused the intensity of the situation to quickly and dramatically rise.

D’Alessandro found himself at the heart of the trouble from the off as the dinky Internacional midfielder, wearing the number 10 shirt, immediately thrusted himself in the melee. Then, after several minutes of confusion and disorder on the pitch, something happened to send pint-sized D’Alessandro over the edge and the tiny playmaker began chasing after Corinthians’ William looking for a fight.

As may have been expected, more disorder and chaos then burst out all over the pitch. Eventually four red cards were brandished by the ref as D’Alessandro and Elias of Corinthians were given early baths along with both coaches, Tite of Inter and Mano Menezes of Corinthians.

Footage of the Brazilian bust-up can be seen here.


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