Punch-Drunk: Jose Rodriguez (Mexico U17) scores a terrible own goal vs Switzerland

As always seems to be the case these days, FIFA are currently holding an international tournament for youngsters as the Under-17 World Cup is held in Nigeria.

The first round of matches are currently being played out, but already their has been enough time for several talking points to surface. And Mexican keeper Jose Rodriguez putting himself at the top of the schmuck list with a horrendous own goal against the Swiss in their opening match of the games.

Finding themselves 1-down, Mexico shot themselves in the foot minutes before the interval as they conceded a horrible second.

In the 41st minute, Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka swung a harmless corner into the box from the right side of the field. The set-play was actually rather poor, drifting aimlessly into the keeper’s reach where Rodriguez had the simple job of plucking the ball out the air.

Unfortunately though, Rodriguez made a complete balls-up. Opting to punch the ball with one hand instead of catching it, the youngster managed to attack the cross with a ridiculous limp-wrist. And, having made an awful contact with the ball, Rodriguez had the ignominy of having to watch his wayward punch actually send the ball into his own net.

Jose Rodriguez’s terrible own goal can be seen here.