Public Pressure: French fans boo Domenech at a tennis match (video)

Who’d want to be Raymond Domenech.

It is hardly breaking news that the French coach has had a hard time winning over support during his tenure of the French national team, yet this week the coach suffered the ignominy of having his unpopularity blown up on the big screen as tennis fans turned on the 57-year-old.

Looking for some team bonding ahead of France’s crucial World Cup playoff matches with the Irish, Domenech lead his star-studded squad to the Masters tennis tournament at Bercy on Monday. With the celebs in the crowd, it wasn’t long before the cameras plastered the faces of the football team on the jumbo-tron.

According to reports, when the cameras focused on Thierry Henry the home fans erupted joyously in celebration of the Barca hitman. But the cheers quickly turned to jeers when the camera switched to the coach, as Domenech was forced to suffer the embarrassment of being booed by the home crowd.

A report into the incident can be seen here.