Psyche! Sydney keeper Vedran Janjetovic bluffs Wanderers penalty taker, tells him where to put it!

This was a huge moment in today’s Sydney derby in the A-League, without doubt the turning point that swung the pendulum away from Wanderers and into Sydney’s direction.

With Wanderers leading 1-0, they were awarded a penalty on 51′, with the chance to all but seal the game.

Mark Bridge stepped up, but he hadn’t counted on Sydney keeper Vedran Janjetovic’s antics.

Janjetovic completely psyched Bridge out, by calling his bluff and telling him which side to put the penalty.

Bridge, clearly bamboozled, did exactly as he was told and put it in that corner, where Janjetovic dived simply to save.


(Skip to 0:40 to see the penalty psyching incident)