PSG’s David Luiz: ‘Jose Mourinho was obviously going to say he won’t miss me’ [Video]

David Luiz was presented at PSG today, after his barely-believable £50m transfer from Chelsea earlier this summer.

After the nightmare World Cup Luiz had for Brazil, the consensus is that Mourinho did a brilliant bit of business by getting such a high price for such a flawed defender, and just  a few days ago the Chelsea boss spoke to that effect.

When asked if he would miss Luiz, Mou replied: ‘As a central defender not at all, it was John Terry and Gary Cahill the whole season.’

‘In midfield he was an physical guy and gave us important things, especially in the Champions League when Matic couldn’t play. ‘

Not exactly pining after the Brazilian then.

At his unveiling today, Luiz was asked about Mourinho’s not so kind words, to which he replied, ‘If he said he’d miss me, he’d contradict himself, i.e. he was obviously going to say that, as to say otherwise would be a sign of weakness.

Luiz said it’s not important anyway; Mourinho is now his ex coach, and all that matters now is what his new coach Laurent Blanc says.