PSG’s Alex attempts (& fails) to clear up his controversial Adam & Yves homophobic comment [Quotes]

AlexCuntPSG defender Alex is nearing the end of his career and sees this as his chance to get his homophobic views off his chest.

The former Chelsea man was involved in a media furore after stating on French TV ‘God created Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Yves’.

This week Alex spoke to Swedish media outlet Expressen in an attempt to clear up the mess that ensued.

He said, “We are protestant. God says that we should love people for who they are. We should love all people”.

Alex continued, “We love everybody but we do not like those who do not stand for what is in the Bible. But this is not about homophobia”.

“I just don’t agree when you say it’s normal for a man to live with another man or a woman with another woman. This is my opinion”.

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“If you disagree with me about what I believe in, it’s what it says in the Bible, so it’s up to you”.

So… Alex is that kind of guy then.

The original interview can be read here.

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