Pro Evo 2009 & FIFA 2009 videos

We would like to go on the record again that Pro Evovolution Soccer is a much better game than FIFA, if anyone from Konami is reading this – we are still waiting for our free copy of the new game, seriously!

Not everyone agrees however, as the News of the World’s Matthew Acton revealed today, with news that Wayne Rooney is addicted to FIFA. The United forward was quoted saying “I probably play about five times every night at home. I love playing it online because you’re speaking to different people and trying to build your points up.”

In the interests of fairness, it is only right that we round up a few videos of the new games that have been cropping up in recent weeks:

Pro Evo 2009: Gameplay, an onstage presentation and a Ronaldo free-kick.

FIFA: Gameplay, Adidas live season trailer and a trailer for the PC.

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