Presenter FAIL: Sky’s Richard Keys swears at Arsenal’s Theo Walcott without realising he is live

Every so often a screw-up like this happens, where technical mistakes show how the usual politically correct TV personalities are really no better than the rest of us.

Rather than dredge up the usual cliches and wishy-washy criticisms as viewers are regularly spoon-fed on TV, Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys was overheard during the Barcelona-Arsenal match this week ranting against Theo Walcott when he clearly though that his mic was off.

As reported in The Sun, “At one point 21-year-old Walcott went down and Richard was heard screaming: ‘Get up, you stupid little boy.’ He then added: ‘You’ve been s***e, son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish.'”

Those with a sensitive ear can hear Richard Keys’ abuse towards the Arsenal forward here.