Premier League video round-up: Villa fans boo Gaby Agbonlahor, Alan Pardew’s rape comment & Manchester United’s horrible pre-match song

Several quality videos have slipped through the cracks in the past few days and, in an effort to leave no stone unturned, they’ve all been dumped in this post.

First up we have a discussion from Match of the Day over the rights of Aston Villa supporters who booed their own striker Gaby Agbonlahor after he was subbed this weekend against Spurs. Alan Hansen was quick to recall that the Villa faithful booed the youngster when he was taken off at Stoke, before charging the Midlanders with “maybe having had too much success too early.” Fellow pundit Alan Pardew chipped in with his belief that the treatment was “unfair.”

The discussion from MOTD2 can be seen here.


Next up, we have the comment which has caused uproar in the politically correct tabloids this morning, with Alan Pardew describing a Michael Essien tackle as being akin to rape.

Football365’s Mediawatch made the following comments on the Daily Mail’s over-the-top reaction to this story. “The Mail is already in full flow as it explores the fertile ground of moral indignation with familiar relish. But is their criticism against Pardew and the apparent trivialisation of sexual assault or just another excuse for Beeb-bashing? Even Yvonne Traynor, director of Rape Crisis, wheeled out to put another nail into Pardew’s coffin, cannot avoid taking a dig at the Beeb: ‘I thought the BBC was supposed to be being more careful, what a joke!’ Mediawatch may not be in the habit of defending the Beeb but it’s struggling to fathom how exactly the corporation was careless in this instance. This was Pardew’s first appearance on the show and unless he auditioned with the promise to give punditry ‘an absolute raping’ then it’s difficult to understand the basis of Ms Traynor’s complaint.”

See what all the fuss is about here.


Lastly, many Liverpool fans are taking much joy in reliving the pre-match action before their side’s trouncing of Manchester United, particularly mocking the song which the Old Trafford crowd were forced to listen to prior to kick-off.

The karaoke sing-along at Old Trafford can be seen here.